"Over the past 17 years Meg Lord has designed, installed and maintained gardens at all three of the homes where I have lived. Her work showcases her experience, knowledge, passion and talent in all aspects of landscape and garden design. She has designed extensive landscapes that include lawn, garden beds, stone walls and patios, water features, and  woodland areas all blending together to create beautiful surroundings.  In all three settings I had crude ideas from which she conceived what I like to refer to as "the vision" . She was able to take whatever nature threw at us and bring that vision to life. She can take a plant list, work her magic, and voila... a breathtaking magnificent garden emerges. Every aspect of the plantings is thoughtfully considered from plant height, flowering times, textures, colors of blooms and foliage, and fragrance. Meg's gardens are her offspring. She births them and raises them, and respects them and when everything falls into place we are rewarded with their ever evolving beauty and character year after year. She loves my garden as much as I do and she maintains it as if it were her own.
       Meg creates gardens with personality. She has a way of making cultivated beds feel natural and harmonious with the surroundings. She has a great "eye" for what looks right.
       We have always worked well together. I like to do some of the gardening myself and she has always encouraged me to do so. In the past I used to ask her if I could work with her and her crew and she would take the time to teach me how to care for all the plants throughout the seasons. She has introduced me to so many wonderful plants that have become favorites around my home.
       Meg Lord Landscaping is something special. And that is because of who Meg Lord is and how she views the world. She is a wonderful person. She is a friend to every living thing, plant and animal. I have tremendous respect for her and the work she does. She has most certainly made my world a more beautiful place to live."
                                                                                            L.A. Yarmouth, ME

"We've been working with Meg for over 7 years.  She listens to our taste and then implements her knowledge of plants in creating gardens that provide color throughout the year.  The barren city lot that we started with is now transformed by the beautiful gardens that Meg has installed.  We find such beauty and serenity in our urban oasis!  We look forward to each spring with the arrival of blossoming gardens and visits from Meg and her staff!  She is a joy to work with."
                                                                                            L.A Portland, ME

"What I like most about Meg's talent is there is always something in 
bloom. Last summer was a difficult summer weather wise & yet my 
gardens were thriving & gorgeous. She is a artist in arranging & 
balancing the different colors & textures of the plants.
Meg is a very talented landscaper, but beyond that, a very sincere, 
trusting & caring person.  Meg has become someone my husband and I are 
proud to call our friend."
                                                                 D. V Cumberland Foreside, ME