about meg

                                       "Compassion is a verb."
                                                       Thich Nhat Hanh

               " To think I have the ability to create what nature has already said to perfection would be foolish. If I can illuminate and be sensitive enough to rearrange the words that are rooted in her language, perhaps I will have the ability to invite others to feel inspired, uplifted and healed by her metaphors."
                                                                                          Meg Lord

Mom and I enjoy a rest together after our walk at the Ashumet Holly Reservation

  I come from a long line of conservationists, preservationists, artists and gardeners. Meg Lord Landscaping was created out of the combination of my deep respect and stewardship I feel towards the land and my passion to create.

  I have been designing, installing and maintaining landscapes for over 25 years. I have a BFA in Painting from The Portland School of Art (now MECA). Before moving to Portland, I studied Botany and Horticulture at The University of Vermont. But... the knowledge I value the most has come from the "hands on" observations I have experienced over the years of having my hands dirty.

I also continue to feel an enormous gratitude towards all the "elders" that have been kind enough, time and time again, to spend hours with me sharing their stories and gems of wisdom.


  Spending time with my friends the late Edna and Mac (George) MacKinnon became one of my favorite things to look forward to in spring. They were the owners of The Waquoit Heather Nursery. It was known  for many years as "one of the best Heather Nurseries" on the east coast and I just happen to grow up in Waquoit.

  I would help them with their spring clean up while they taught me about their Heather(Calluna vulgaris) and Heath (Erica carnea). We worked until we went in for a real visit over biscuits and "tea" at 4:00PM. Edna grew up in England on a dairy farm so tea was an essential part of the day.

  I feel privileged to own a Calluna named 'Waquoit Edna' and continue to fly the "Bluebird" whirligig that Mac made, in memory of them. When Mac gave it to me he said "It was the first one I made and it has flown in my field through all the hurricanes here on the Cape...it should be well suited for Maine." And that it has!!