Looking ahead to spring?

If you have dreams about creating a new space in your landscape? NOW is the time to plan for it!

Harry is waiting!!!!

NEW this Spring!!

Herb Garden Design for Animal Wellness

I've finally combined my two passions...
herb gardens to benefit the health and wellbeing of your animals...along with a few other things:)
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A Big Hearted Thank You!!
The York Center for Wildlife
(The link to Channel 6)
photo courtesy of  Deb Cram  at www.seacoastonline.com (York Weekly and Pourtsmouth Herald

I am asking for DONATIONS to help care for
"Alice" (B819...bird 819th that has been cared for this year!)
(You can see more pictures and read more about her at The York Weekly www.seacoastonline.com )

At the end of October I witnessed a turkey being hit by a truck in Limerick ,Me. I wrapped her in a blanket and lifted her into my truck with the help of the man who tried not to hit her. I drove home very slowly with "Alice"(I'm not supposed to name her because they are good about reminding us they are wild animals/birds and not pets:) on the floor of my truck tented by work jackets. I immediately called the Center for Wildlife and left them a message about what I had found. Next I jumped on their website to remind myself what I should and shouldn't try to do for her. I left her in my truck for the night... spoke quietly to her ...offering her a quiet place to die or rest until I could drive her to the center in the morning                                                                                            

photo courtesy of Deb Cram at www.seacoastonline.com

 These dedicated people are amazing....

She has been there for almost a month now. She is looked after daily...fed...sheltered...carefully and quietly monitored...has been looked at by the vet 3 times...had her wing wrapped and unwrapped...given physical therapy... all in the hopes of releasing her back into the wild again. 
   Not only do they care for the wildlife...they are a tremendous resource of information if you ever find an injured animal. I have found them to be  invaluable in their resources in the past. They also do outreach educational programs and on select days are open  to the public...visitors get to learn about some of their "permanent"                                                 residents.                                                              
Check them out on the web at www.yorkcenterforwildlife.org

Like many wonderful things these days this center is funded by donations  only!  SO...on behalf of "Alice" and myself...and in the spirit of my mom who taught me that EVERY LIVING THING MATTERS... 

by writing a check to the Center for Wildlife and send it to them at
P.O Box620
Cape Neddick Me
or look them up on the web and make a secure payment online through paypal...you can specify it is for the care of the turkey

P.S No I am not eating turkey at Thanksgiving this year...suprised?:)


What transpires in a pause?

the sound of a tree frog...a beautifully woven web...a bee fully immersed in a Chelone flower....a flock of crows loudly announcing a visitor...a fox...a porcupine...a hawk or an owl

The garden is a place to bring us back. It is a place to quiet our mind and take notice.

The snow is here...seed catalogues are arriving
NOW is the time for planning

Plan ahead this year!
Have your garden designed in time for spring. Winter is for designing...spring is for installing. Catch me now before things get too busy!

As always...Harry is more than willing to offer his expertise!

                        Spring? Can it be? Will it ever be? Spring??